Nitrogen AG 3000 organic

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Product Description

NANOLIT® Nitrogen doped organic Aerogels are made with precursors like resorcinol and derivatives of organic compounds which contain nitrogen, such as 3-hydroxyaniline, melamine or 3-hydroxypiridine. The total content of nitrogen (% w/w carbon) is close to 16 %. Organic Aerogels are ideal precrusos for the synthesis of nitrogen doped Carbon Aerogels by pyrolysis and they can be activated physicaly with any oxydazing agent like steam or CO2 or they can be pyrolyzed and activated in one step with chemical agents like KOH. The pyrolyzed carbon aerogel can be doped with diferent salts or nanoparticles and further pyrolyzed or activated to get customized catalysts. Its highly tunable pore structure  makes this material a perfect catalyst support and promoter for applications at temeperatures lower than 300ºC.


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15 x 5 mm, 50 x 3.5 mm