Au- N Aerogel

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Product Description

Carbon Aerogels are nanostructured porous carbon materials in which porosity can be tailored to meet special requirements. NANOLIT® Gold Nitrogen contains gold nanoparticles and 5 – 10 % nitrogen but it could change depending on the type of the required porosity of Carbon Aerogel. The gold superstructures are highly porous with very low density, high gas permeability and high specific surface área interesting for processes catalysis, electrosorption of ions or wet advanced oxidation.The incorporation N contributes to wetting and quick impregnation of the electrolyte in the pores, improving kinetics and  specific capacitance in processes of electrosorption of ions. It is ideal for use as a catalyst in gas or liquid phase applications, or as an electrode material for supercapacitors.

Gold Nitrogen CA TDS  / Gold Carbon Aerogel_MSDS

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