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Nanoquimia was founded in year 2005 with the aim of providing advanced products and services to the sectors of enviroment&water treatment, food industry and chemical&pharma industries.

In 2007 Nanoquimia starts Its R&D program in nanomaterials with carbon aerogel synthesis for water treatement. Thereafter, it has continued gaining expertise and insight in the synthesis of more complex composite materials like carbon aerogels with tailored textural properties doped with different metal nanoparticles and nonmetal elements like Nitrogen, conferring them different and interesting properties.  Today we are located in Rabanales 21  Scientific Park and we have a catalogue of more than 50 different nanomaterials and nanoformulations for applications in diferent fields such as catalysis, biomedicine, chemical industry, water treatment, energy and basic research.

Nanolit® gathers under the same trademark  all nanomaterial products and advanced services in nanomaterials that have been generated over more than nine years of experience. One of the main milestones in the creation of Nanolit® products  is our partnership with Córdoba University for exploiting its expertise and know-how on metal nanoparticles synthesis and microwave atmospheric plasma applications, mainly in the carbon nanomaterials synthesis like Carbon nanotubes and Graphene. With this world patented technology, we are able to synthesize CNT´s, graphene and other carbon nanostructures without the aid of a catalyst making our product the purest in the marketplace.


Improve the MacroWorld through understanding and managing the NanoWorld.


To be one of the leading agents in the NanoWorld knowledge and marketplace.


  • Commitment with society, environment and customers
  • Team work, Cooperation and self organization
  • Continuous improvement through research, development, innovation and creativity
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility

Integrated System of Quality and Environment

 ISO 9001           ISO 14000

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Advanced technological Services

We can help our customers to afford any problem and find solutions within the field of materials engineering thanks to our advanced equipments and technologies.

Our main scopes are:

  • Bulk materials and nanomaterials characterization with unique and specific component tests.
  • Establishment of processes based on nanomaterials.

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Advanced nanomaterials and aerogel

Innovative Nanomaterials

We can offer a wide portfolio of nanostructured materials  (carbon materials, graphene, aerogels, catalystshybrid materialsnanoparticles) and nanosolutions for different areas:

  • Biomedicine.
  • Catalysis
  • Cosmetics.
  • Chemistry.
  • Water treatment

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